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Jade Coffins of the Apocalypse

This campaign, using the Ubiquity Roleplaying System by Exile Games Studio, is set in Shanghai in 1936 and features a rotating core of GMs using a shared set of locations and characters.

GMs of the Campaign

At present the Campaign has two GMs: Runeslinger and Kyrei

Coming Soon or not long after that

List of Available Campaign Scenarios – Several Adventure Scenarios for use either in running this campaign for yourself, or independently will be made available as things progress. At present, a one-shot version of the introductory scenario, (Shanghai Shanghai) designed to bring characters together and introduce new players to the Ubiquity Roleplaying System, is nearing completion, pending a final play test.

Minor Non-Player Characters

Denny Fisque

Major Non-Player Characters

Sir Herringford Bone

Sanford Laronde


The Little Trouble Pub

The Black Cat Bar

Storm Port Hostel

Main Page

Main Page

Main Page

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