The Jade Coffins of the Apocalypse

Welcome to the Adventure Log for Jade Coffins of the Apocalypse!
A blog for a Hollow Earth Expedition campaign set in Shanghai

Shanghai in 1936 is a place of great mystery, danger, and unpredictable changes around every narrow corner. Wealth vies with poverty under a pervasive blanket of greed and desperate entrepreneurship, while expats and tacit occupation forces shoulder their way into positions of power, prestige, and affluence. Ancient secrets rest next to stunning high-rises, hovels ring palaces, and bastions of wisdom stoically wait for the clinging vipers of vice and villainy to see the truth and release their clutches.

Shanghai is not for the weak.

Shanghai Shanghai
The beginning of the end~

The characters are asked to aid a renowned explorer and business tycoon overcome great danger.

Fate's Fearsome Fingers
Death plays for keeps in Shanghai

1936 Shanghai. Energy is another word for chaos, and Shanghai embodies energy.

A group of expats minding their own business become embroiled in a murder that has not happened yet… or has it?

This intro adventure sets the stage for the Jade Coffins of the Apocalypse campaign, and serves as a lead-in to Shanghai Shanghai.


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