Criminal on the run


The Wolf’s past, as told by himself:

Well you know I never really gave much thought to it, but sens you asked, I may as well tell ya. You know I was a good kid, always trying to do right by my mom and sisters. You see Pops was a good for nothing, and left me a bastard at the tender age of five; after he left ma didn’t do much more than get plastered. Live was hard, I did what I had to, to get by. I was the man of the house see, and it was my job to look out for the girls. So wile they were going to school I was earning, or more than often, finding bread for the table. You know I did a right fine job by them too, Jewelle found a good man and settled down with him, wile my other sister Crystal, she-es the smart one ya know, is working for the government in some think tank back east.
Well boys will be boys, ya know and turns out one day I borrowed a little change from the wrong fellow. That landed me in the big-house for a few years, but the girls were old-enough by then to watch out for themselves, so I decided to just enjoy my vacation on a nice little island in the middle of San Francisco. After I got out mom had died from a bad batch of moonshine, and the girls were settled. You know though I was still looking out for them, helping ware I could. I spent some time living with Jewelle, you know just to make sure her Hubby was a good for her, she did right fine by picking him.
One day see, my other Sis calls me up. She tells me she needs my help but can’t talk about it on the phone. So I catch the buss to DC to go see her. Turns out the Uncle Sam has her working on some real high level, like Top Secret type crap. Sis calls it, “Code Black.” She tells me that she’s taking some heat from one of the other departments in the government, some political shit I guess, not anything that matters to me. The short of it is, she need me to make this crate she has disappear, to get the heat off her. “No problem, sis,” I said, no questions asked. I’m real good at making things disappear.
So that’s what brings me to China, lots of open space here for something to disappear you know. “What happened to the crate ya asks?” I don’t has it with me no more. Ya see Uncle Sam caught up with me stemware over the Kunlun Mountins, and filled my rust bucket of a bird full of holes. I had bail out, and my bird, well god only knows ware she ended up.
Uncle Sam ant found her yet though, cuz his dogs are still nipping at my heals. Ill do what ever it takes to keep my girls safe, no matter how many things I have to make disappear, ya know what I mean? That’s why I gotta be careful you know. To be telling the truth you got Uncle Sam’s smell all about you, asking all these questions. Maybe its right time you disappear too…


The Jade Coffins of the Apocalypse Ramolis